Kaitlyn Orde

Lead editor & Agriculturalist

Kaitlyn holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communications and Master of Science (MS) in Biological Science (specializing in Agricultural Sciences) from the University of New Hampshire. She currently works as a Research Associate at the University of New Hampshire and as a freelance editor.

Kaitlyn has spent significant time writing, publishing, and presenting her research to the academic and commercial farming communities. She has also worked in squash and grape plant-breeding programs at the University of New Hampshire and the University of California, Davis. She is detail oriented and organized, and provides thoughtful feedback.


Ben Hill

Technical Consultant & Carotenoid Enthusiast

Ben holds a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Sustainable Development (focused in Agricultural Ecology) and a double-degree Master of Science (MS) from University of Natural Resources & Life Science (Vienna, Austria) and University of Hohenheim (Germany) in Agricultural Science. Ben is a Software Engineer at Upstream Tech who works on natural resources, machine learning, and remote sensing. He consults with us on projects involving soils, data science, and environmental/analytical chemistry.


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