2017 season is here!

Spring is here and we are already preparing for our 2017 strawberry experiments at UNH! This year we have two projects pertaining to strawberry production at the NH Ag Experiment Station / Woodman Horticultural Research Farm:

1 - In our first study, we are evaluating the day-neutral variety 'Albion' on three mulch treatments (black plastic, white-on-black plastic, and unmatched), and under five low tunnel cover treatments (KoolLite Plus, Tufflite IV, Lumison UV blocking, Lumison UV transmitting, and no tunnel). In addition, we have added a 6th low tunnel over treatment this year: 1.5 mil perforated plastic (from the Dubois Agrinovation System). The purpose of this study is to evaluate plastics and mulches for use in a low tunnel strawberry production system in the Northeast.

2 - We are also planning to conduct a day-neutral variety trial this year! The purpose of this will be to measure differences in yield, fruit size, and the unique production patterns of day-neutral varieties. More to come on this later!

As of today, we are ready to plant. Pre-plant plant fertilizer has been spread (60# N & K/acre), beds are laid, and we are awaiting the arrival of our dormant bare-rooted strawberry plants. We hope to plant within the next 10-days, and then will come low tunnel installation. Stay tuned and happy planting!!

Stay tuned for more updates and visit the Sideman Lab website to learn about the other projects we are working on! 

This project is funded by the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station and Tunnel Berries, a USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Specialty Crops Research Initiative grant titled "Optimizing Protected Culture for Berry Crops" in collaboration with the following universities:

Kaitlyn Orde