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professional editing services.


Why us?

We know, there are a lot of editing services out there. While most pass your documents onto a contract editor whose time is limited and doesn’t communicate directly with you, we work directly with our clients. This allows us to spend much more time on your project, provide very thorough editing, and offer thoughtful feedback.

What we do.

Our goal is to help you improve the quality, clarity, and rigor of your written work. We offer:

  1. Copy Editing (proofreading + substantive edits)

  2. English Language Editing

  3. Scientific Editing

We work with clients on a range of projects, including (but not limited to):

  • Academic Essays / Papers / Assignments

  • Thesis + Dissertations

  • Scientific Journal Articles

  • Manuscripts

  • Abstracts

  • Conference Proceedings / Summaries

  • Poster Presentations + PowerPoints

  • Cover Letters / Letters to the Editor

  • Research Projects

  • Writing support for undergraduate and graduate students

What you can expect.

You will receive a fully edited document with all changes tracked so that you can review them one at a time. We will thoroughly address:

  • Grammatical issues (spelling, typos, punctuation, etc.)

  • Article use, verb tense, and noun-pronoun and subject-verb agreement

  • Term and abbreviation consistency throughout the document

  • Citation formatting

  • Awkwardly written sentences

We will provide:

  • Prompts for clarification where the intended meaning is unclear

  • Suggestions for improving clarity

  • Recommendations for structural changes to improve the “flow”

  • Overall feedback on the document as a whole

Timeframe + Cost.

We are flexible and will work with you to determine a timeline that fits your needs! Our standard timeframes are as follows:

Regular = 7 days
Rush = 3 days
Urgent = 1-2 days, depending on the length of the document and our availability.

Once we have received your document(s), we will email you a quote in less than 24 hours. The quote is based on the type of editing (copy, language, scientific, or language + scientific) and the number of words. To reduce the total word count, authors may consider removing title pages and reference lists (unless they want these sections edited).

Let’s get started.

1) If you have a project in need of editing, fill out the form below or email us at hello@kaitlynorde.com. If emailing, you’re welcome to attach your document(s) (as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file, please). Your documents and name will remain private.

2)  We will be in touch within 24 hours to answer any questions, request your document(s) if we do not have them already, establish a deadline, and provide a quote.

3)  Once you accept the terms of the quote, we will email you an invoice and get working!

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