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Production Guides & Videos

Orde, K., S. Willden, M. Pritts, L. McDermott, B. Sideman, K. Demchak, M. Cooper, E. Hanson, and K. Hanson. 2019. Low Tunnel Structures, Installation and Management. https://youtu.be/Pi2K68Ke3e8

Willden, S., K. Orde, M. Pritts, L. McDermott, B. Sideman, K. Demchak, M. Cooper, and E. Hanson. 2019. Benefits of Growing Strawberries Under Low Tunnels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC6wgKAyleo

Orde K., B. Sideman, M. Pritts, and K. Demchak. 2018. Low Tunnel Strawberry Production Guide. University of New Hampshire Extension Publication. https://extension.unh.edu/resource/low-tunnel-strawberry-production-guide

Orde, K. 2018. Section Editor: Cultural Practices (Spinach). In: Dicklow, M and L. McKeag (eds). 2018-19 New England Vegetable Management Guide. University of Massachusetts Extension. https://nevegetable.org

Orde, K. 2017. Row Cover & Exclusion Netting Guide. Distributed at the NHLA/NHPGA & UNH Cooperative Extension Joint Winter Meeting. Concord, NH. February, 2017Click here for guide.

Orde, K. and B. Sideman. 2016. Winter Spinach Production in High Tunnels, 2014-16.
University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. https://extension.unh.edu/resources/files/Resource006103_Rep8625.pdf


Industry Meetings & Conferences

Orde. K. and B. Sideman. 2019. Influence of photoselective film and mulch color on air and soil temperatures in a low tunnel strawberry production system. Greensys International Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Management for Innovative Greenhouses. Angers, France. June 16-20, 2019.Poster. 

Orde, K. and B. Sideman. 2019. Low Tunnels for Strawberry Production: Structures, Management, and Outcomes. Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention Proceedings 2019: 199-201. Hershey, PA. January 30, 2019.

Orde, K., K. Demchak, and B. Sideman.2019. Day-neutral Variety Performance in NH and PA under Open Field and Protected Culture Conditions. Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention Proceedings: 202-205. Hershey, PA. January 30, 2019.

Orde, K. 2018. Farm Tour. Strawberry Grower Newsletter. North Carolina Strawberry Association. Nov-Dec 2018. Click here for article.

Orde, K. 2018. Extending the Strawberry Production Season in the Northeastern U.S. Empire State Producers EXPO Berry Session. Syracuse. NY. January 16, 2018. http://www.hort.cornell.edu/expo/proceedings/2018/Berry_Extending%20the%20season%20OrdeK_Summary.pdf

Orde, K. 2018. Extending Strawberry Season Using Day-Neutral Varieties and Low Tunnels. Proceedings of the 68thNew Jersey Agricultural Convention and Trade Show: 95-99. Atlantic City, NJ. February 6-8, 2018.

Orde, K. and B. Sideman. 2017. Effects of Low Tunnels on Performance of the Day-Neutral Cultivar ‘Albion’ in the Northeastern US. New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference and Trade Show. Manchester, NH. December 12-14. Poster Presentation #1713. https://unh.app.box.com/s/h1jkjrd6b7v9j6hwad588r9oxrrmwakn

Orde, K., C. Eaton, and B. Sideman. 2017. Effects of planting date and cultivar on winter spinach (Spinach oleracea L.) production in unheated high tunnels. New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference and Trade Show, Manchester, NH. December 12-14. Poster Presentation #1712. https://unh.app.box.com/s/h1jkjrd6b7v9j6hwad588r9oxrrmwakn

Orde, K. 2017. Extending Strawberry Season using Low Tunnels and Day-Neutral Varieties. New Hampshire Vegetable and Berry Growers Association Meeting. Manchester, NH. February, 2017https://extension.unh.edu/resources/files/Resource006465_Rep9265.pdf

Sideman, B and K. Orde. 2017. Growing Vegetables & Berries in the Home Garden. Oral Presentation. NHLA/NHPGA & UNH Cooperative Extension Joint Winter Meeting. Concord, NH. February, 2017https://extension.unh.edu/resources/files/Resource006376_Rep9129.pdf

Orde, K. 2017. Low Tunnels for Strawberry Production. New England Vegetable and Berries Growers’ Association and New England Cooperative Extension’s 593 Meeting. Hadley, MA. January, 2017

Anderson, H., E. Hoover, K. Orde, A. Petran, M. Rogers, J. Rubinstein, and B. Sideman. 2016. Effect of UV-blocking plastic on yield, quality, and organic pest management in day-neutral strawberries in the northern U.S. International Strawberry Symposium. Quebec City, Canada. 14-17 August 2016.

Orde, K. 2016. Summary of UNH Winter Production Research. Frozen Ground Conference, Fairlee, VT. July, 2016.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Orde, K. and B. Sideman. 2019. Low tunnel and cultivar effects on day-neutral strawberry yield and characteristics in New Hampshire. Accepted for publication in HortTechnology.

Orde, KM., R. Sideman, K. Demchak, R. Marini, and M.  Cooper. 2017. Effects of Low Tunnels on Day-Neutral Strawberry Production in the Northeastern U.S. American Society for Horticultural Science Annual Meeting. Waikoloa, Hawaii. Sept. 19-22. Published in HortScience 52(9):S267. (Abstr.)

Orde, K., C. Eaton, and B. Sideman. 2018. Yield and Soluble Solids Content of Winter-grown Spinach in Unheated High Tunnels in New England. HortScience 53(5):638-635.



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NH Public Radio (NHPR), Foodstuffs: Study Finds Winter Spinach is Sweetest. Interview with Kaitlyn Orde and Becky Sideman by P. Biello (host) (11 Aug 2016). 

WMUR-TV, Research underway to help grow spinach in winter: UNH looks at varieties to grow in cold (6 April 2016). Interview with Kaitlyn Orde.